First Friday Art Tour Santa Cruz { 3/26/11 }
We will be playing at show at the Chimera Tattoo Parlour in Santa Cruz April 1st 2011.  It's a featured even in the Santa Cruz Weekly and we'll be playing our new Jay Reatard tribute set. 

Web of lies { 3/2/11 }
The website is new again.   With the help of our friend Amanda we have redesigned our web presence and brought ourselves up to 2011 spec.  I hope everyone enjoys the new features of the website.  I am going to throw together some hot new videos to go along with our new songs.  We also have some summer shows to announce.  We'll be playing in Visalia with the Suicides and also again at the Blue Lagoon.  2011 is the year of the Squid.

Bandcamp { 3/2/11 }
In case you haven't heard, Bandcamp is the new best way to release music on the internet.  No plastic, no bullshit, they put moneys right into your paypal account when you make sales.  And there is no upfront cost, so we are going to put all our future releases onto Bandcamp first and then when we earn enough money from Bandcamp sales we'll use that money to manufacture CDs and get into all the more conventional channels.  This is how we do it.

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